How Copilot for Microsoft 365 in Microsoft Teams can boost your productivity and collaboration

Have you ever wished you had a personal assistant who could help you with your online meetings, take notes, answer your questions, and provide you with useful insights and tips? Well, now you can, thanks to Copilot for Microsoft 365 in Microsoft Teams.

Copilot is an AI-powered companion that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and enhances your meeting experience. Copilot is always listening and looking to make sure you don’t miss any of the information going on in the call. Whether you need to catch up on something you missed, ask a question, or get a summary of the key points, Copilot is there to assist you.

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 in Microsoft Teams meetings


How to Show or Hide Copilot from Your Chat List in Microsoft Teams

If you are a licensed user for Copilot for Microsoft 365, you want to make sure that you are taking full advantage of the investment your organization made in you to give you access to this fantastic tool. Copilot is an AI companion that can assist you with various tasks such as information, conversation, and content creation.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams is available as a personal application but it also appears as a conversation in chat and you can use it from both locations. Despite being available in two different places, they provide exactly the same functionality and if you have it pinned to the sidebar as I do, you probably don’t need it to take valuable real estate space in the chat application.

Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft Teams


How to Enable or Disable Share Any Window from the Taskbar in Windows 11

Windows 11 introduced a feature that allows users to easily share a window while in a meeting in Microsoft Teams by clicking on a share button directly from the taskbar. This experience was built to prevent you from jumping back and forth between applications and is extremely useful when sharing individual windows instead of the entire screen.

However, some users may not see this handy feature and may think that it is related to the new version of Microsoft Teams. Well, this is not true and the option can be enabled or disabled on the Windows settings. In this blog post, I will show you how to do that.

Share any window from Windows 11


How to save the decorated background images generated by Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams Premium is a new subscription that enhances the existing Teams features with more options that make Teams meetings more personalized, smart, and secure.

One of the most amazing features in Teams Premium is Decorate your background, a new creative background effect in Teams that makes meetings more enjoyable and personal by using AI to transform your meeting background. This feature allows you to seamlessly merge your physical and digital spaces, enabling you to change the appearance of your physical meeting room for each call. This technology allows for easy room makeovers, adding virtual plants, or festive decorations for special events, all without the need for an extreme makeover to your room.

Microsoft Teams Premium Decorate background


How to Add a Watermark to Your Microsoft Teams Meetings

If you want to share sensitive or confidential information during your Microsoft Teams meetings, you might want to use a watermark to prevent unauthorized screenshots or recordings. A watermark is a subtle image that shows up on the meeting window, without blocking the view of the content. It displays the email address of each participant, so they know that the meeting is protected.

Microsoft Teams Watermark


How to Use Elgato StreamDeck With the New Microsoft Teams

Do you want to supercharge your Microsoft Teams meetings with handy shortcuts that are just a few clicks away? If you do, then you might want to check out Elgato StreamDeck, a customizable controller that lets you create and execute actions with a single tap.

One of the coolest features of StreamDeck is that it integrates with Microsoft Teams, the popular communication and collaboration platform. With StreamDeck, you can control your Teams meetings with ease, such as muting/unmuting your microphone, turning on/off your camera, raising/lowering your hand, sharing your screen, and more.

Use Elgato StreamDeck with the new Microsoft Teams


Meet Copilot for Microsoft 365, Your New Assistant in Microsoft Teams

If you are a Copilot for Microsoft 365 user, you may have noticed a new app in your Teams chats. This is Copilot, your AI companion that helps you get things done with Microsoft 365. Copilot is not just a rename of the previous Microsoft 365 Chat app, it also brings new features and improvements to enhance your experience. Here are some of the highlights:

Copilot for Microsoft 365 in Microsoft Teams


How Microsoft Teams and Viva Connections Announcements Can Help You Communicate Better

Microsoft Teams and Viva Connections are two powerful tools that can help you connect and collaborate with your colleagues. Both offer a feature called announcements, which allows you to create and share time-sensitive messages in a prominent way. However, these announcements are not the same and serve different purposes. In this blog post, I will explain the differences between Microsoft Teams and Viva Connections announcements, and how you can use them effectively.

Microsoft Teams and Viva Connections Announcements


How to download audio messages from Microsoft Teams in 2024

Microsoft Teams is a popular platform for online collaboration, communication, and productivity. One of the features that many users enjoy is the ability to send and receive voice messages, which can be convenient and expressive.

However, unlike text and files, voice messages do not have a direct option to download the audio file and save it locally. This can be frustrating if you want to keep a record of an important conversation, or if you want to listen to the voice message offline or on another device.

Download Microsoft Teams Audio Messages


The New Channel Creation Experience in Microsoft Teams: What You Need to Know

One of the reasons why users create more teams than necessary is that the team creation option is more prominent and accessible than the channel creation option.

To address this issue, Microsoft just made an improvement to the channel creation flow that will help with the teams governance and will likely reduce the number of teams in the organization moving forward.

New creation experience for Teams channels


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