Customize Microsoft Teams meeting requests

Your company logo is your identity and you probably include it in all your communications and in your mail signature so there is no reason to not include it also in the Microsoft Teams meting requests.

Microsoft Teams meting requests can be customized by the global administrator in the Admin Center and the customization is then propagated to all users in the tenant.


How to send an email to a channel

Each team on Microsoft Teams has its own email that works as a distribution list, but did you know that each channel inside the team has also its own email?

Channel emails can be used by Team members to post content directly from email to the channel and this include not just the body of the email but also all the attachments.


Share to Microsoft Teams – A new WordPress plugin

According to the numbers unveiled before Microsoft Inspire 2019, Microsoft Teams has already surpassed Slack and has an average of 13+ million users active on the platform daily.

WordPress is one of the most used platforms to publish content on the Internet and with this new plugin Share to Microsoft Teams, blog and site owners can potentially increase their audience by providing an embedded button to share a page directly to any person on Microsoft Teams.

Share to Microsoft Teams


Publish SharePoint Announcements into Microsoft Teams

The announcements you publish inside your intranet can reach a broader audience if you propagate them to Microsoft Teams.

The solution provided in this article provides a method to publish announcements from SharePoint into Microsoft Teams and it can be easily implemented by any IT-Pro as it does not require coding skills.

Combining SharePoint, Flow, Teams and Adaptive Cards IT-Pros can get super powers and revolutionize the way collaboration is done inside companies.


Run Multiple Instances of Microsoft Teams

Being able to execute multiple instances of Microsoft Teams is a long-waited feature that is affecting negatively all the users that belong to multiple organizations.

If you are doing multiple tenant swaps during the day to keep up with everything that is happening in all your organizations this article is for you, even though Microsoft Teams does not support multiple instances you will be able to execute the web version as standalone app and you will be able to be signed in in all the organizations ate the same time.


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