How to change a Team email

There are a lot of reasons that can lead you to a rename of a Team, either because the self-creation is enabled, and the names don’t follow the internal rules or simply because the name no longer makes sense.

On Microsoft Teams you have a graphical interface that will allow you to change the name and the description of the Team however the email will not change to reflect the modification.

To modify the email, you will need to use the Exchange PowerShell below to create a new alias and delete the old one.


How to get Microsoft Teams tenant ID

Your Microsoft Teams tenant ID is a unique identifier that is different than the organization domain where you are connected.

You can use two different methods to get this identifier, one using Teams graphic user interface and the other one using Teams PowerShell.


Create Teams using PowerShell

Creating multiple Teams on Microsoft Teams can be a tedious process, but you can easily automate it with the use of Microsoft Graph and PowerShell.

In this article I’m providing two scripts to achieve the same result; the first one uses Teams PowerShell cmdlets while the second one uses PnP PowerShell and Microsoft Graph.

On both examples I’m creating the Team and adding two channels to it.


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