Microsoft launches communities for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft released a major update to the free version of Microsoft Teams focusing the new experience around communities enabling people to come together, connect, share, and collaborate using the same application where they spend the day working.

If you are member of a community, whether it is a recreational sports team, event planning committee, parent-teacher association, or even a small business, this new experience gives groups of all kinds a digital space to stay connected before, during, and after gatherings. Communities is currently rolling out in the free version of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Communities


What’s new for Microsoft Viva – November 2022

It’s the last day of the month and it’s time to resume all the updates and new features announced for Microsoft Viva during November 2022. This month we got updates for Administrators managing the Viva suite, new layouts for Viva Connections, Stories for Viva Engage, an improved experience for Viva Topics and more…

Microsoft Viva updtes


Break the ice in Microsoft Teams meetings with Games for Work

Microsoft just made a surprise release for Microsoft Teams, a set of classic Games that you can use to challenge your co-workers during meetings to help to break the ice.

The Games for Work for Microsoft Teams is a new application available for the Enterprise and Education plans that includes classics like Solitaire and Minesweeper and also the Microsoft IceBreakers and Wordament.

Microsoft Teams Games for Work


Choose where to save downloaded files from Microsoft Teams

Up until recently all files shared in Microsoft Teams channels and chats were downloaded to the operating system default Download folder.

With a recent update you can modify this behaviour and define a new location for all the files or choose it for each one download, let’s see how you can tweak this setting.

Change the default download location


Create a focus plan using Microsoft Teams and Viva Insights

The daily meetings, chat conversations and email can leave you without time to focus on your individual work. While collaboration is key for success in the modern work environments, sometimes you also need to stop it for a while so you can stay focused on your own tasks.

According to a study it takes up to 23 minutes to recover from a distraction at work. The focus plan included in the Microsoft Viva Insights will help you to control the unwanted interruptions during your day, by blocking focus time in your calendar and by turning off all Microsoft Teams notifications.

Viva Insights focus plan


What’s new for Microsoft Teams from Microsoft Ignite?

After two years being exclusively online, Microsoft Ignite made its return as a hybrid event; smaller and spread across the world it is still the place where most of the new features for Microsoft products were announced.

This article is a compilation of several articles, social media posts and blog posts, about everything new announced for Microsoft Teams during Microsoft Ignite so you can get an overview of everything new coming out in the next few months.

What's new for Microsoft Teams from Microsoft Ignite 2022


How to fix “There was a glitch, and we are recovering…” error in Microsoft Teams

There is nothing worse than trying to use a software that simply hangs while starting without doing anything and without telling the user much about what is going on.

Despite being an amazing product Microsoft Teams also has its bad days but thankfully things are usually easy to fix and to get up and running again.

Fix Microsoft Teams glitch


How to filter Microsoft Teams unread activities

Microsoft Teams activity feed is not just a chat notification aggregator, it combines notifications from your chats and from applications you are using in Teams.

To help filtering between notification you have read and the ones you have missed, Microsoft Teams is now adding a toggle that will show you the unread activities in just one click.

Microsoft Teams unread Activities


What is Viva Engage?

During the Inspire event, Microsoft announced a new a new Viva application for Microsoft 365. The new app is Viva Engage, but it unlike other Viva apps this one is not technically new!

Confused? Don’t worry you are not the only one. Plain and simple, Viva Engage is Yammer for Microsoft Teams!

What is Viva Engage?


Self-chat is now available in Microsoft Teams – Learn how to create yours

Workarounds to create self-chats in Microsoft Teams have been present since the platform was released as you can see in one of my previous articles, but now Microsoft is making this an official feature.

Any user will be able to chat with himself, making use of all the options available when chatting with other users. Using this new feature, you will be able to save memos, take quick notes or even store files that become available in the files tab inside the conversation.

Microsoft Teams self-chat


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