How to Fix a Windows MTR Device Not Onboarding in Microsoft Teams Admin Center and Rooms Pro Management

While playing with a Windows MTR, I noticed it was not being onboarded and was not available in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center, neither in the Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management portal.

After waiting a few days for it to show up, I decided to investigate further the reason why it was not being detected.

Win Device Admin Agent Service


How to Resolve the ‘Device Administration is Disabled. Contact Your Admin’ Error on Android MTRs

If you encounter the error message ‘Device administration is disabled. Contact your Admin’ on Android Microsoft Teams Rooms, which prevents you from signing in and using the device, rest assured you are not alone. In this article, I will guide you, as an Administrator, on how to resolve this issue and register your device with the organization.

Device Administration is Disabled. Contact Your Admin


How to Add Custom Emojis to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has rolled out a feature that’s sure to bring a smile to your face – custom emojis! This new addition allows you to personalize your digital workspace and express yourself in ways that words alone cannot capture. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your communication in Teams more expressive with custom emojis.

Microsoft Teams Emojis


How to Receive Notifications When a User Comes Online in Microsoft Teams

Notify when available was a feature available in the original version of Microsoft Teams and has now returned to the new Teams. This will notify you when a user comes online. This feature can be enabled by each user individually, and no admin intervention is required to start using it.

Receive Notifications When a User Comes Online in Microsoft Teams


What’s new for Microsoft Viva – May 2024

May has been a busy month for the Microsoft Employee Experience Suite, with new features added to make our work life easier. This time, we’re focusing on the latest updates that link Copilot and Copilot Dashboards with Viva Insights, streamlining how we access and use workplace analytics.

Microsoft Viva updtes


How to Enable 1:1 and Group Call Recordings in Microsoft Teams

Sometimes you might need to record a 1:1 or group call in Microsoft Teams, where you are talking about important topics that you want to keep for later. But what if the option to record calls is disable?

Don’t worry, there is a way to turn on 1:1 and group call recordings for everyone in your organization or for specific users. In this article, I’ll show you how to do it.

Enable Microsoft Call Recording


How to Make Microsoft Places Available in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft just made Microsoft Places available worldwide and it currently available from several locations being one of them Microsoft Teams.

This article will help you if you want to enable Microsoft Places for your users, so they can coordinate better when working remotely or at the office. I’ll show you how to make the application available.

Add Microsoft Places to Microsoft Teams


What’s new for Microsoft Viva – April 2024

With the latest updates, Viva applications are now integrating support for Copilots, enhancing organizational adoption of Microsoft’s AI assistant. April marked a significant milestone as Viva applications expanded beyond Microsoft Teams, becoming accessible directly in the browser with dedicated URLs. Additionally, Viva Connections has evolved to allow for deeper personalization, enabling custom fonts that align with the branding customizations of the SharePoint home site. This move not only streamlines the user experience but also reinforces brand identity within organizations.

Microsoft Viva updtes


How to add Microsoft Lists Forms to Microsoft Teams as a tab

Microsoft Lists has revolutionized the way we collect data by introducing a new forms experience. This feature allows for efficient data collection directly from users, without granting them access to the entire list. It’s a significant enhancement for SharePoint and Microsoft Lists users. However, when it comes to Microsoft Teams, the integration isn’t as seamless, often leading to frustration due to the lack of support from the default SharePoint and Microsoft Lists applications.

In this blog post, we’ll explore a workaround that enables you to add Microsoft Lists forms to Microsoft Teams, creating a native experience that allows users to complete forms within their workflow, all without leaving the Teams environment.

Microsoft Lists Forms in Microsoft Teams


How to archive a Microsoft Teams channel

Microsoft Teams has become an essential tool for collaboration and communication within organizations. As projects progress and priorities shift, the ability to archive channels becomes increasingly important. This feature helps team owners declutter their Teams environment and maintain organization by preserving important content without keeping the channel active.

Understanding the Importance of archiving channels is crucial for managing the lifecycle of a project. Once a project is completed or paused, archiving the channel allows team owners to keep the workspace focused and free from unnecessary distractions. It ensures that only active projects occupy the immediate workspace, making it easier for team members to navigate and collaborate effectively.

Archive a Microsoft Teams Channel


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