How to Fix a Windows MTR Device Not Onboarding in Microsoft Teams Admin Center and Rooms Pro Management

While playing with a Windows MTR, I noticed it was not being onboarded and was not available in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center, neither in the Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management portal.

After waiting a few days for it to show up, I decided to investigate further the reason why it was not being detected.

Win Device Admin Agent Service


How to Resolve the ‘Device Administration is Disabled. Contact Your Admin’ Error on Android MTRs

If you encounter the error message ‘Device administration is disabled. Contact your Admin’ on Android Microsoft Teams Rooms, which prevents you from signing in and using the device, rest assured you are not alone. In this article, I will guide you, as an Administrator, on how to resolve this issue and register your device with the organization.

Device Administration is Disabled. Contact Your Admin


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