How to Make Microsoft Places Available in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft just made Microsoft Places available worldwide and it currently available from several locations being one of them Microsoft Teams.

This article will help you if you want to enable Microsoft Places for your users, so they can coordinate better when working remotely or at the office. I’ll show you how to make the application available.

Add Microsoft Places to Microsoft Teams


How to export teams users to CSV from Microsoft Teams Admin Center

Microsoft Teams has become an essential communication and collaboration tool for organizations worldwide. With Teams, administrators can manage users, teams, and channels to ensure smooth communication and collaboration.

One essential feature for administrators is the ability to export a list of teams users from the Teams Admin Center. This feature allows administrators to get a list of the users, including user name, user id, title, location and role. The data is exported in a CSV format, which is easily readable and can be used for analysis or reporting.

Export Microsoft Teams user to a CSV file


How to enable the new Microsoft Teams Public Preview: The Future of team collaboration has landed

Microsoft has announced that they are targeting the general availability of a new version of Teams later this year, in 2023. However, they have also launched a public preview of the new Teams for commercial customers using Windows. The preview will be extended to a broader set of customers, including those using Macs, later this year.

Users in the Public Preview program will have access to the new Teams right away, but for the broader set of commercial customers, an admin will need to first opt-in. After opting in, users will see a simple toggle to switch to the new Teams. It’s important to note that users will also be able to switch back to classic Teams at any time.

Enable new Microsoft Teams


How to enable/disable chat deletion in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams now allows users to delete 1:1, group and meeting chats as I explained here.

If as an administrator, you are concerned about the use of this feature or if you don’t want to make it available to all the users you can control it with messaging policies.

Enable/disable chat deletion in Microsoft Teams


Restrict the use of custom background images in Microsoft Teams

In the previous article I wrote about adding custom company background images to be used in Microsoft Teams meetings by users with Teams Premium.

Today I’m writing about how to restrict the use of custom, non-authorized backgrounds by removing the possibility of uploading personal images.

Restrict the use of custom background images in Microsoft Teams


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