Supercharge your meetings with the all-new Meet app on Microsoft Teams!

Are you tired of juggling between multiple locations to manage your meetings effectively? Microsoft about to release a new game-changer experience available exclusively on the new Teams client.

The revolutionary Meet app, a dedicated space within Microsoft Teams that promises to transform the way you conduct, engage, and excel in your meetings. Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to streamlined productivity!

Microsoft Teams Meet app


Say goodbye to Microsoft Teams Wikis and hello to enhanced note taking with OneNote

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Teams channels wikis will be retired and note taking capabilities will be powered by OneNote. This change is part of Microsoft effort to unify the applications available in Microsoft 365 for note taking.

OneNote provides an enhanced note taking experience, keeping the team notes organized in a single notebook. The new experience includes easy collaboration across the team, rich editing with typing, ink annotations, highlighting, file attachments, and easy recall and search for channel notes within OneNote on any platform.

Microsoft Teams wikis deprecation


What is Viva Engage?

During the Inspire event, Microsoft announced a new a new Viva application for Microsoft 365. The new app is Viva Engage, but it unlike other Viva apps this one is not technically new!

Confused? Don’t worry you are not the only one. Plain and simple, Viva Engage is Yammer for Microsoft Teams!

What is Viva Engage?


How to create a custom Together Mode scene for Microsoft Teams

For a more inclusive meeting experience in Microsoft Teams, the together mode allows you to define scenes where attendees will be “seated” next to each other.

Microsoft has several different scenes that you can choose from, and in this article, you will learn how to extend the available scenes by building your own.

Microsoft Teams custom together mode scene


How to use Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie on iOS and Android

Released originally with frontline workers in mind, Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie, a push-to-talk application is now available to all users on iOS and Android devices.

From this application is possible to send voice messages to team channels with the push of a button. This feature comes in handy for scenarios where users need to communicate with others in Microsoft Teams, but for some reason can’t type.

Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie


Meet the new Microsoft Teams channel calendar

One of the core functionalities of Microsoft Teams are meetings, and this feature just got an update that will make the scheduling and managing of channel meetings a lot easier with the channel calendar app.

Added to the roadmap in December 2020 it is already available to be used in the web and desktop clients worldwide, so let’s see how configure it.

Microsoft Teams channel calendar


Classic Snake game is now available for Teams

If you lived during the late 90’s you must remember the classic Snake game immortalized by Nokia phones, even though the concept is largely associated to the Finnish company it has been around since 1976 in several formats and shapes.

Snake for Microsoft Teams is a perfect fit for your casual team or channel. Most organizations especially during the Covid-19 lockdown have created teams where people can share non work-related content and have some fun, Snake will be the arcade machine in the room that everyone will want to play.

Snake for Microsoft Teams


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