Supercharge your meetings with the all-new Meet app on Microsoft Teams!

Are you tired of juggling between multiple locations to manage your meetings effectively? Microsoft about to release a new game-changer experience available exclusively on the new Teams client.

The revolutionary Meet app, a dedicated space within Microsoft Teams that promises to transform the way you conduct, engage, and excel in your meetings. Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to streamlined productivity!

Microsoft Teams Meet app

Picture a centralized hub where all your meeting activities and content converge seamlessly. That’s the Meet app! With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, Meet ensures you stay on top of your meetings from start to finish.

Meet the Meet app

  • Prepare and Conquer – No more last-minute rushes or overlooked details. The Up next section brings upcoming meetings to your fingertips. Dive into meeting insights, view agendas, access notes, and catch up on related content! Thanks to AI-powered content suggestions, you’ll be armed with the information you need to make your meetings truly effective.
    Microsoft Teams Meet app
  • Embrace the Past – Ever wished you could relive the highlights of past meetings? With Meet’s Recent section, you can! Easily access information from meetings held within the last 30 days. From shared files, recordings, and even transcripts – everything is just a click away.
    Microsoft Teams Meet app
  • Premium Perks – Teams Premium users get an extra edge with Meet! Gain access to powerful AI-driven meeting insights, including tracking “missed” meetings, mentions related to you, and personalized “suggested tasks.” Make the most of your Teams Premium license and skyrocket your productivity with these invaluable features.
    Microsoft Teams Meet app


The Meet app on Microsoft Teams is the ultimate meeting companion you’ve been waiting for. From preparation to follow-up, this powerful app streamlines your meeting experience like never before. Say hello to increased productivity, seamless collaboration, and effortless organization. With Meet, your meetings will never be the same again!

Microsoft will begin rolling out the Meet app in mid-August and expect to complete by mid-September.

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