How to Add a Website as a Tab in Microsoft Teams (Post-July 2024)

Starting July 2024, Microsoft Teams has updated how the Website tab works. Instead of loading the website link directly within Teams, it now opens the link in a new browser tab. This change aligns with web security best practices and enhances website reliability.

While this change improves security, it can disrupt users’ workflow, as they’ll switch between Teams and the browser when interacting with website tabs. However, there’s a workaround that allows you to continue adding websites as tabs within Teams.

Microsoft Teams Website

Solution: Using SharePoint News Link to Show Websites in Microsoft Teams

  1. Open Your Team Site: Begin by opening the team site associated with your Microsoft Teams team. You can also use other SharePoint sites, but ensure that all team members have access to the site collection.
  2. Create a News Link:
    • In the toolbar, click “New” and select “News Link.”
    • Add the link to the external web page you want to add as a tab in Microsoft Teams.
    • Fill in the necessary details for the page and click “Post.”
  3. Add the News Link Page to Teams:
    • Navigate to the channel in Microsoft Teams where you want to add the site as a tab.
    • Add the SharePoint application to the channel.
    • From the list of pages, select the News Link page you just created.
    • Click “Save,” and your website will now appear as a tab in Teams.

Microsoft Teams Website

Additional Considerations

Keep in mind that this process will make the News Link page visible in the news web part within SharePoint.

To prevent the News Link page from appearing in SharePoint news, execute the following script using PnP PowerShell.

# Connect to the SharePoint site collection
Connect-PnPOnline -Url "https://your-sharepoint-site-collection-url" -interactive

# Update the $listItemID value with the appropriate ID
Set-PnPListItem -List "SitePages" -Identity $listItemID -Values @{"PromotedState" = 0}

Microsoft Teams Website

Once the execution of the script ends, go to the Site Pages library and Publish your SharePoint News Link.


Remember that this workaround leverages out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 applications and functionalities. While it may not work for all scenarios, it provides an alternative to the Website tab. If your SharePoint News Link doesn’t render correctly, consider using the web site application to redirect users to the browser.

Want a visual walkthrough of the process? Check out my YouTube video where I demonstrate how to add websites as tabs in Microsoft Teams, even after the recent changes.

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