I’ve been nominated to the Commsverse Tech Community Awards 2021

I’m happy and honored to announce that I was nominated to the Commsverse Tech Community Awards 2021 in the Best Community Blog category with the HANDS ON tek blog.

The Best Community Blog award celebrates the person who has curated the most valuable and consistently accurate content that has helped their readers solve problems or learn about Microsoft technology and become the go to resource for their area of focus.

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How to pin an application to all Microsoft Teams users

As a Microsoft Teams admin you can pin applications that became available to all the users so when they open the application the app becomes immediately visible in the personal app bar.

In this article you will find instruction to make a Microsoft Teams application available to all users by pinning it using the setup application policies.

Pin a Microsoft Teams application


How to install Viva Connections in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Viva announced earlier this year unifies the communication, knowledge and learning experiences under the same brand and Microsoft Viva Connections one of the 4 pillars of the new Microsoft 365 platform just became available for Microsoft Teams.

Viva Connections is your intranet landing page inside Microsoft Teams making the collaboration for your users easier and faster.

Microsoft Viva Connections


Meet now and meeting options available in Outlook for desktop

While using Microsoft Teams you will find a few options to start or schedule a meeting and recently Microsoft added the meet now button and the meeting settings to the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook for Windows.

The new options will help you to streamline your meeting directly from outlook while taking care of your emails.

Microsoft Teams outlook, meet now, meeting settings


How to use a video background in Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams allows you to define a picture to hide your background while in a meeting but unlike its main competitor Zoom, it doesn’t have support for short background videos yet.

Despite this limitation it doesn’t mean you are not able to use videos as background during your Microsoft Teams meetings, it is possible in just a few clicks as explained in this article.

Microsoft Teams video background


How to schedule focus time automatically in your calendar

Reserving focus time for yourself is important so you can concentrate on your own tasks without getting disturbed by other users and Microsoft Teams notifications.

You can set your focus time manually every day by changing your status to do not disturb or you can automate the focus scheduling process using the My Analytics application included in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Microsoft Teams focus time


Meet Microsoft Viva – Your new employee experience

Microsoft Viva is the new Employee Experience suite of application provided by Microsoft that combines communications, knowledge, learning, and resources inside Microsoft Teams.

Viva includes 4 different modules: Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning and Viva Topics with Microsoft announcing that are more on the way.

Microsoft Viva


How to build a Free Touch Deck to control Microsoft Teams

I’ve being thinking about acquiring a Stream Deck for quite some time but always thought it was a bit pricy, so when I saw the Free Touch Deck project promising a similar solution for just $20 I immediately jumped into it.

Even though the it requires the manual wiring of the hardware, Dustin Watts the creator of the project has it very well explained in the online tutorial making the entire assembly a breeze.

Microsoft Teams Free Touch Deck


Meet the new Microsoft Teams history menu

Starting this February Microsoft Teams desktop clients will get a history menu that displays a user’s recently visited locations.

By hovering the back and forward navigation buttons you will get access to menu that will make the navigation to previous locations a lot easier.

Microsoft Teams History menu


Meet the new Microsoft Teams channel calendar

One of the core functionalities of Microsoft Teams are meetings, and this feature just got an update that will make the scheduling and managing of channel meetings a lot easier with the channel calendar app.

Added to the roadmap in December 2020 it is already available to be used in the web and desktop clients worldwide, so let’s see how configure it.

Microsoft Teams channel calendar


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