How to record a video voice message in Microsoft Teams

A video voice message is a short video recording that typically features audio of someone speaking and often also includes a video of their face. Video voice messages can be an effective way to add a personal touch to communication, especially when text-based messages or voice messages alone might not convey the desired tone or context.

This type of messages is now available in Microsoft Teams and in this article you will learn how to use it.

Record a video message in Microsoft Teams

Video voice messages are available in both mobile and desktop Teams clients and can be used in one-to-one and group chats, to start using this new form of communication do the following:

  1. Open a one-to-one or a group chat
  2. In the compose box click in the Record a video clip button
  3. Select the microphone and the camera to use for the recording
  4. Press the record button, each message can have a maximum of 1 minute
    Record a video message in Microsoft Teams
  5. Once you are done click in the Review button
  6. There a built-in editing feature that allows you to trim the video, it is useful to cut unnecessary seconds in the beginning and end of the message
    Record a video message in Microsoft Teams
  7. If you are happy with the voice message click on Send
ℹ️ Important!

In desktop the video message is recoded in landscape mode, while in mobile it is recorded in portrait. Make sure you have your phone in the correct orientation to avoid sending videos rotated 90 degrees as shown in the following image.
Record a video message in Microsoft Teams

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