What’s new for Microsoft Teams from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Microsoft Teams had an astonishing growth during the pandemic and has been receiving new features like no other platform in the Microsoft ecosystem and this Microsoft Ignite was no exception.

Jeff Teper did the Microsoft Teams keynote and presented the usage numbers of the platform that has more than 75 million daily active users, and more than 250 million active users. All these users will start to soon receive the features listed in this article improving even further their digital work experience.

Microsoft Ignite 2020


Collabdays Lisbon 2020 – Learn the latest and greatest about Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Saturday Lisbon has been rebranded and it is now Collabdays Lisbon. Don’t worry, it is still organized by the same people and maintains the same spirit as in previous years.

Collabdays Lisbon is a non-profit, community-driven event dedicated all that is great about SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. It will be a one-day free virtual event on October 10th, 2020.


How to enable the new meeting experience on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams continues to evolve and to present the users with innovative features that make remote work even easier.

The new meeting experience just start to rollout to customers worldwide and bring a set of new features that will make you enjoy your meetings while using camera.

The new meeting experience will give you access to the new Together mode, the large gallery for video with grids up to 7×7 and meetings will start in their own window.


I’m offering 10 copies of my book Hands-On Microsoft Teams

No, it’s not clickbait! I’m really offering 10 copies of my book Hands-On Microsoft Teams. After becoming available the book reached number 1 on its category for new releases and to celebrate it along with the publisher Packt we will be offering 10 printed copies during 10 days on social media.

To get the chance of getting your hands on one of these copies all you have to do is retweet the tweet I’ll do during the next 10 days using the hashtag #HandsOnTeams and tell me what is favorite feature on Microsoft Teams.


Get your Hands-On Microsoft Teams free chapter and become a master on meetings and Live Events

Work have changed dramatically during the last months and the modern workplace took by assault classic businesses all arround the world.

Mastering tools like Microsoft Teams will give you a competitive advantage and will make your work a lot easier. I’m happy to help in this transformation process by offering you an entire chapter of my book about Meetings and Live Events.

If you just started using Microsoft Teams or if you want to learn more about the platform Hands-On Microsoft Teams is the book for you.


5 Microsoft Teams features you can only use on mobile

Microsoft Teams mobile applications allow you to bring the platform in your pocket while on the go, keeping you connected with your colleagues and providing you tools and features to easily collaborate.

In this article I’llll tell you about 5 Microsoft Teams features that are only available in the mobile application, they will make you much more productive while working in the field or even in the office.


Hands-On Microsoft Teams – My book was released

Over the last 9 months I’ve been working on a very special project and today I’m proud to tell you that it is finally available.

Hands-on Microsoft Teams is a book about implementing effective enterprise collaboration and teamwork using Microsoft Teams with tips and real world scenarios that will help you to know better a platform used by more than 75 million users.


How to add SharePoint Spaces to Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Spaces allows you to create and share mixed reality experiences with your users in just a few clicks, it allows you add a new dimension to your intranet using 2D and 3D web parts.

This feature has just landed on SharePoint and is a perfect add-on for your teams on Microsoft Teams, if you are curious about the build process check this article.

Adding SharePoint Spaces to Microsoft Teams is fairly easy, even though this is a new feature it is fully compatible with the existent SharePoint app for Teams.

sharepoint spaces


Classic Snake game is now available for Teams

If you lived during the late 90’s you must remember the classic Snake game immortalized by Nokia phones, even though the concept is largely associated to the Finnish company it has been around since 1976 in several formats and shapes.

Snake for Microsoft Teams is a perfect fit for your casual team or channel. Most organizations especially during the Covid-19 lockdown have created teams where people can share non work-related content and have some fun, Snake will be the arcade machine in the room that everyone will want to play.

Snake for Microsoft Teams


How to use the Smart Camera in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams mobile apps include a smart camera feature based on the Office Lens that helps you to make white boards, documents or business cards readable.

This feature trims and enhance the view port of the camera and detects the objects while taking the photo making it a perfect replacement for old scanners.

Besides helping with the pictures the smart camera also has privacy into consideration, any picture taken with it is uploaded directly to Microsoft Teams and not stored in your mobile device.


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