How to enable the new meeting experience on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams continues to evolve and to present the users with innovative features that make remote work even easier.

The new meeting experience just start to rollout to customers worldwide and bring a set of new features that will make you enjoy your meetings while using camera.

The new meeting experience will give you access to the new Together mode, the large gallery for video with grids up to 7×7 and meetings will start in their own window.

To start using these features in your tenant today do the following:

  1. On Microsoft Teams click on your avatar, and then click on Settings
  2. On the settings box check the option, Turn on the meeting experience
    new meeting experience
  3. Restart Microsoft Teams

Your next meeting will start in a separate window and you will be able to continue to work on Microsoft Teams while attending the meeting.

You will notice that the meeting controls are now available at the top of the window instead of being at the bottom, and the new together mode and the Large Gallery are available in the ellipsis as shown in the following image. Together mode is just available in meeting with 5 or more participants.

Together mode microsoft teams

If your tenant has already this option available, I suggest you give it a try and use the together mode according to a Microsoft study it decreases the meeting fatigue.

new meeting experience

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