How to add SharePoint Spaces to Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Spaces allows you to create and share mixed reality experiences with your users in just a few clicks, it allows you add a new dimension to your intranet using 2D and 3D web parts.

This feature has just landed on SharePoint and is a perfect add-on for your teams on Microsoft Teams, if you are curious about the build process check this article.

Adding SharePoint Spaces to Microsoft Teams is fairly easy, even though this is a new feature it is fully compatible with the existent SharePoint app for Teams.

sharepoint spaces


Classic Snake game is now available for Teams

If you lived during the late 90’s you must remember the classic Snake game immortalized by Nokia phones, even though the concept is largely associated to the Finnish company it has been around since 1976 in several formats and shapes.

Snake for Microsoft Teams is a perfect fit for your casual team or channel. Most organizations especially during the Covid-19 lockdown have created teams where people can share non work-related content and have some fun, Snake will be the arcade machine in the room that everyone will want to play.

Snake for Microsoft Teams


How to use the Smart Camera in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams mobile apps include a smart camera feature based on the Office Lens that helps you to make white boards, documents or business cards readable.

This feature trims and enhance the view port of the camera and detects the objects while taking the photo making it a perfect replacement for old scanners.

Besides helping with the pictures the smart camera also has privacy into consideration, any picture taken with it is uploaded directly to Microsoft Teams and not stored in your mobile device.


How to work with multiple Microsoft Teams accounts on mobile

Managing multiple Microsoft Teams accounts is a tedious process specially with the desktop clients. If you ever googled something like “How to run multiple instances of Teams” you know what I’m talking about.

Unlike the desktop, mobile applications for Android and iOS allow you add multiple accounts to Microsoft Teams which makes the tenant switch a lot easier and faster.


How to send voice messages using Microsoft Teams

Voice messages have appeared in the 70s with the voicemail technologie and throught out the years have been evolving and being adjusted to new technologies and platforms.

Voice messages are common and widely used in messaging platforms like WhatsApp but did you know that you can also use it with Microsoft Teams?


How to share your location using Microsoft Teams

Did you know you can share yours or any other location using Microsoft Teams and Bing Maps?

This is one of the exclusive features of the Microsoft Teams mobile app and it is available for any type of chat you can have in the application, 1 to 1, group or team chats.


How to share meeting recordings with external users

With Microsoft Teams you are able to have meetings with users outside your organization and you are also able to record it. This is a great feature, the only downside is that external users will not be able to watch the meeting recordings by default.

Public access to Microsoft Stream videos has been postponed by Microsoft and is now scheduled to Q4 2020 as announced in the road map.

In this article I’ll show you two workarounds to share the recordings with external users while keeping the video in the stored safely in the Microsoft ecosystem.


How to use background images during a Teams meeting

On my previous article I’ve explained you how to customize your video during a Microsoft Teams meeting using Snap camera. On the same article I also mentioned that a similar feature was planned to be integrated in Teams, it just got released and now you can customize your videos with background images.

In this article I will show you how you can use the image background feature during a Microsoft Teams meeting and how you can use your own images.


How to use special effects in Microsoft Teams meetings

Back in 2019 Microsoft announced a feature that allows meeting attendees to customize their background from a list of pre-selected images, something that just a few years ago was only possible with the use of green screens and special effects.

Time has passed by and this feature is not yet globally available (the release is scheduled to April 2020), but while waiting for it you can use third party solutions to customize the webcam video and have some fun in your meetings.

Using the Snap Camera for desktop allows you to customize the video input you use in Microsoft Teams, this application creates a virtual webcam on your computer and allows you to customize the background on your video and allows you to apply filters on top of your face.


10 tips to use Microsoft Teams while working remotely

The working habits and routines have changed suddenly because of the Covid-19 virus and with most of the world population working from home is necessary to quickly find solutions that allow people to be productive.

Microsoft Teams is being adopted widely as a tool to promote communication and collaboration during this crisis and is being used by more than 44 million users worldwide.

In this article you have 10 tips and good practices that will help you to achieve more, they are valid for novice and advanced users of Microsoft Teams.

10 tips while working from home using Microsoft Teams


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