Clippy is back to Microsoft Teams – Learn how to use it

Clippy the infamous Office assistant released by Microsoft with Office 97 was misunderstood by users that found it more annoying than useful. Despite have been fired with the release of Office XP, Clippy became one of the mascots of Microsoft returning every now and then for the joy of all the users who loved it back in the day.

Now he is back for good in Microsoft Teams and ready to provide a lot of fun moments… at least for those who were using computers in between 1997 and 2001. 👴👵


Collabdays Lisbon 2021 – Learn the latest and greatest about Microsoft Teams

Collabdays Lisbon is a non-profit, community-driven event dedicated to Microsoft technology schedule for November 13th, 2021!

Despite being organised from the sunny Portugal, this year it will be fully remote and by registering you have the chance to join from anywhere to learn the latest about Microsoft 365, Azure, Power Platform and Microsoft Viva from world class speakers and recognised MVPs.


How to share content from camera using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to share content from a variety of digital sources while in a meeting and now thanks to the Content from camera feature you will be able to easily share physical white boards and documents using your built-in camera or an external USB camera.

Sharing content from camera will allow you to present content from physical artifacts in a legible way as the captured image gets detected and transformed to provide better readability.

Microsoft Teams content from camera


How to quote a message in Microsoft Teams 2.0

Quoting a message in Microsoft Teams desktop applications has been driving users crazy over the years as this feature is not available without copying the previous message and using a combination of shortcut keys.

With Microsoft Teams 2.0, currently only available in Windows 11 things are about to change and Microsoft has introduced a new reply option for each message.

Quote a Microsoft Teams message using Teams 2.0


Meet the new Microsoft Teams integration for Windows 11

Microsoft has announced the new version of Windows yesterday and with it was also announced a new native integration for Microsoft Teams in the operating system.

With Windows 11, chat, calling and video conferencing will be just one click away and you will be able to connect faster than ever with the people you care about.

Windows 11 integration for Microsoft Teams


How to download Microsoft Teams voicemail messages

Long gone are the days where the voicemail was a recording machine with cassette tapes that you could listen in the machine itself or in any other cassette player.

Despite being an old feature, it continues to be super useful, and Microsoft Teams has a modern version of the voicemail where you can access to all your messages from a central location but sadly it lacks the option to download the audio file for each message.

A missing save option does not mean you cannot download the audio file; in this article you will find detailed instructions that will guide you through the download process for each message individually.

download Microsoft Teams voicemail


Microsoft Teams webinars for administrators

Despite being globally available the options to control Microsoft Teams webinars do not have yet a dedicated user interface in the meeting policies and this means that as an administrator you must use PowerShell to modify the properties that control this new feature in Microsoft Teams.

In this article you find all the properties related with the webinar creation and you will learn from examples how to enable or disable the webinars and its associated features.

Microsoft Teams webinars


How to create a webinar registration page using Microsoft Teams

Hosting webinars in Microsoft Teams was possible since the initial release of the product using regular meetings or live events, however both options always felt short with some of the features being available in one type of meetings and not in the other and essential features like the registration page not being available at all.

With the new Webinar meeting type in Microsoft Teams you no longer need to manually handle the registrations for the online events with the registration page and the registration report being generated automatically.

Microsoft Teams webinar registration page


I’ve been nominated to the Commsverse Tech Community Awards 2021

I’m happy and honored to announce that I was nominated to the Commsverse Tech Community Awards 2021 in the Best Community Blog category with the HANDS ON tek blog.

The Best Community Blog award celebrates the person who has curated the most valuable and consistently accurate content that has helped their readers solve problems or learn about Microsoft technology and become the go to resource for their area of focus.

Best Community Awards blog


How to pin an application to all Microsoft Teams users

As a Microsoft Teams admin you can pin applications that became available to all the users so when they open the application the app becomes immediately visible in the personal app bar.

In this article you will find instruction to make a Microsoft Teams application available to all users by pinning it using the setup application policies.

Pin a Microsoft Teams application


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