How to modify the name and profile picture of external users on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team gives you the possibility of bringing external users to your Teams context making the collaboration and communication a lot easier.

Despite allowing external users (also known as guests) the name and the profile picture is generated automatically based on the email making it difficult to identify who is who.

To help identifying the user you can redefine the name and the name using the Azure Active Directory in just a few steps as explained in this article.

profile picture on external users on Microsoft teams


How to download audio messages from Microsoft Teams

Audio messages are not one of the most known features on Microsoft Teams as they are only available on the mobile clients, despite this limitation they can be heard in all Teams versions and with the solution I’m bringing here today they can now be downloaded using the web client.

Unlike other files, audio messages are not stored on SharePoint however they are available to be downloaded and listened offline if needed.

download audio messages from Microsoft Teams


How to disable the lobby on a Microsoft Teams meeting

Approving participants waiting on a Microsoft Teams meeting lobby is not difficult but it can be a tedious task if you have a lot of people joining at different times.

If your organization has it enabled by default to all the meeting in this article you will learn how you can disable the lobby for Microsoft Teams meeting that you organize.

disable the lobby on a Microsoft Teams meeting


How to download the attendance reports on Microsoft Teams

Meetings and Live Events are the 2 type of conferences you can have on Microsoft Teams, these can be used for regular meetings at a company to host a virtual event or even for teachers to deliver classes.

For some of these scenarios it’s important to keep track of who have attended the events and both Meetings and Live Events allow you to download the attendance reports.

Despite happening on Teams, the method used to download the reports is different for Meetings and Live Events, in this article you will learn how to enable them and where you can get the attendance reports.

Attendance reports on Microsoft Teams


What’s new for Microsoft Teams from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Microsoft Teams had an astonishing growth during the pandemic and has been receiving new features like no other platform in the Microsoft ecosystem and this Microsoft Ignite was no exception.

Jeff Teper did the Microsoft Teams keynote and presented the usage numbers of the platform that has more than 75 million daily active users, and more than 250 million active users. All these users will start to soon receive the features listed in this article improving even further their digital work experience.

Microsoft Ignite 2020


Collabdays Lisbon 2020 – Learn the latest and greatest about Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Saturday Lisbon has been rebranded and it is now Collabdays Lisbon. Don’t worry, it is still organized by the same people and maintains the same spirit as in previous years.

Collabdays Lisbon is a non-profit, community-driven event dedicated all that is great about SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. It will be a one-day free virtual event on October 10th, 2020.


How to enable the new meeting experience on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams continues to evolve and to present the users with innovative features that make remote work even easier.

The new meeting experience just start to rollout to customers worldwide and bring a set of new features that will make you enjoy your meetings while using camera.

The new meeting experience will give you access to the new Together mode, the large gallery for video with grids up to 7×7 and meetings will start in their own window.


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Mastering tools like Microsoft Teams will give you a competitive advantage and will make your work a lot easier. I’m happy to help in this transformation process by offering you an entire chapter of my book about Meetings and Live Events.

If you just started using Microsoft Teams or if you want to learn more about the platform Hands-On Microsoft Teams is the book for you.


5 Microsoft Teams features you can only use on mobile

Microsoft Teams mobile applications allow you to bring the platform in your pocket while on the go, keeping you connected with your colleagues and providing you tools and features to easily collaborate.

In this article I’llll tell you about 5 Microsoft Teams features that are only available in the mobile application, they will make you much more productive while working in the field or even in the office.


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