How to configure a voicemail message on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams voice mail is a great feature that allow other users to send you voice messages when you are not able to pick up a call.

Teams has by default a greetings, but you can replace it by your own message following the instructions provided in this article:

Microsoft Teams voicemail message

  1. Start by clink in the () three dots next to your profile picture at the top of the window
  2. From the menu click on Settings
  3. In the Settings window, click on Calls and then click in the Configure voicemail button
    Microsoft Teams voicemail message
  4. On the voicemail window click on Record a greeting
    Microsoft Teams voicemail message
  5. Once the new call starts and to record a personal greetings message press 2 and follow the instructions
    Microsoft Teams voicemail message

From the voicemail settings panel you will be also to configure when the voicemail should pick up your calls.

When a voicemail message is received, you are able to listen the audio message but not able to download the audio file, if you would like to keep a copy of the message locally on your computer you can follow the instructions available in this article to get the audio file in an mp3 format.

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