Self-chat is now available in Microsoft Teams – Learn how to create yours

Workarounds to create self-chats in Microsoft Teams have been present since the platform was released as you can see in one of my previous articles, but now Microsoft is making this an official feature.

Any user will be able to chat with himself, making use of all the options available when chatting with other users. Using this new feature, you will be able to save memos, take quick notes or even store files that become available in the files tab inside the conversation.

Microsoft Teams self-chat

How to create a self-chat in Microsoft Teams

The self-chat creation process is straight forward and is not different than what you do to chat with someone else or to create group chats.

  1. In Microsoft Teams click in the chat app located in the personal app menu
  2. Click in the new chat icon
  3. In the To: field type your own email and select your user

Microsoft Teams self-chat

The chat is created immediately as shown in the following image and you can start saving information in this new container.

Microsoft Teams self-chat

At the time of writing this feature is still being released globally if you don’t see it yet check back in a few days.

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