Microsoft launches communities for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft released a major update to the free version of Microsoft Teams focusing the new experience around communities enabling people to come together, connect, share, and collaborate using the same application where they spend the day working.

If you are member of a community, whether it is a recreational sports team, event planning committee, parent-teacher association, or even a small business, this new experience gives groups of all kinds a digital space to stay connected before, during, and after gatherings. Communities is currently rolling out in the free version of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Communities


How to filter Microsoft Teams unread activities

Microsoft Teams activity feed is not just a chat notification aggregator, it combines notifications from your chats and from applications you are using in Teams.

To help filtering between notification you have read and the ones you have missed, Microsoft Teams is now adding a toggle that will show you the unread activities in just one click.

Microsoft Teams unread Activities


Create a self-chat in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams will soon allow users to create chats with themselves to easily take notes, write quick messages, or even store files or images.

This feature is planned to be released in June 2022 but while it doesn’t happen here is a workaround to take advantage of self-chats.

Create a self-chat in Microsoft Teams


How to enable Microsoft Teams personal features in your desktop

Microsoft Teams has grown and evolved like no other platform in 2020 and helped thousands of business and schools to stay on track during Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the huge success with businesses and the education sector, Microsoft has started to target other areas expanding Teams to be used with friends and family.

The preview of Microsoft Teams personal was announced and released for mobile in June and now is arriving to the desktop helping you to better manage your work and personal life.

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