How to schedule focus time automatically in your calendar

Reserving focus time for yourself is important so you can concentrate on your own tasks without getting disturbed by other users and Microsoft Teams notifications.

You can set your focus time manually every day by changing your status to do not disturb or you can automate the focus scheduling process using the My Analytics application included in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Microsoft Teams focus time

To automatically define your focus time, you must do the following:

  1. Go to and sign in with your corporate account
  2. In the vertical menu click in Focus
  3. Define your focus plan by defining the number of focus hours
    Microsoft Teams focus time
  4. Follow the wizard and choose if you prefer your focus in the morning or afternoon and if you prefer to continue to receive notifications

Once completed you will get your calendar blocked with focus time and for those blocks your presence state in Microsoft Teams is automatically defined to focusing, letting the other users know that you should not be disturbed.

Microsoft Teams focus time

Like any other appointment in the calendar the focus time can be canceled or moved to a more convenient hour, simply by dragging the event in the calendar.

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