Create a focus plan using Microsoft Teams and Viva Insights

The daily meetings, chat conversations and email can leave you without time to focus on your individual work. While collaboration is key for success in the modern work environments, sometimes you also need to stop it for a while so you can stay focused on your own tasks.

According to a study it takes up to 23 minutes to recover from a distraction at work. The focus plan included in the Microsoft Viva Insights will help you to control the unwanted interruptions during your day, by blocking focus time in your calendar and by turning off all Microsoft Teams notifications.

Viva Insights focus plan

To get started with the creation of your focus plan do the following:

  1. In Microsoft Teams look for the Viva Insights application and open it
  2. Click in the Protect time tab
  3. In the green Focus plan card click in the Get Started button to define the settings for your focus plan
    Viva Insights focus plan
  4. Choose how much focus time you would like to schedule every day?
    • 1 hour/day
    • 2 hours/day (recommended)
    • 4 hours/day
    Viva Insights focus plan
  5. Choose when you would prefer to schedule the focus time?
    • Morning
    • Afternoon
    Viva Insights focus plan
  6. Choose if you would like to silence all Teams chat notifications during your focus time
    • Mute notifications (recommended)
    • Allow notifications
    Viva Insights focus plan
  7. Click in the Looks good! button to save your settings

Once the configuration is made Viva Insights will automatically book focus time on your schedule, respecting the already existing appointments.

Viva Insights focus plan

How to modify a Viva Insights focus plan

After creating your focus plan, you will better understand if the settings defined suit your needs or if you will need to adjust it.

If you need to change the plan do the following:

  1. In Microsoft Teams open the Viva Insights application
  2. Click in the (three dots) in the tab bar
  3. From the menu click in Settings
  4. In the settings window choose Protect time and adjust it to your needs

Viva Insights focus plan

If you need to extend your daily focus time or book it in other period than the one defined in the plan settings, you can do it from the Protect time in the Viva Insights application.

Adjust and refine your focus plan over the time and get back precious hours that will allow you to thrive at work and accomplish your own task on time.

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