How to schedule Out of Office and automatic replies using Microsoft Teams

Set up a message to let others know you’re on holiday or not available to reply, was a feature that until recently was only available through Outlook being then propagated to other applications like Microsoft Teams.

If you spend most of your day working on Microsoft Teams, it makes sense to enable your Out of Office and automatic replies directly from the application before wrapping everything and leaving on a well-deserved vacation.

Out of Office Microsoft Teams

Configure Out of Office in Microsoft Teams


To enable out of office messages from Microsoft Teams you should do the following:

  1. In the top bar, click in the three dots () next to your profile picture or organization name
  2. From the menu click on Settings
  3. In the General separator look for the Out of Office section and click on Schedule
  4. Toggle the option Turn on automatic replies
  5. Define your Out of office message
  6. Select if you want to Send replies outside my organization, and define an alternative message if needed
  7. To schedule the period during when message should be sent, select the option Send replies only during a time period
  8. Click Save

Out of Office Microsoft Teams

As an alternative, to access to the Out of Office settings from Microsoft Teams you can do the following:

  1. In the top bar click in your profile picture
  2. From the menu click on Set status message
  3. At the bottom of the window click in the link Schedule out of office, this action will open the settings pane explained already above

Configuring the out of the office and automatic replies form Microsoft Teams will also sync with your Outlook, sending automatic emails to everyone who contacts you during your time off.

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