HANDS ON tek – 10 years anniversary

January 10, 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of HANDS ON tek, a blog that I started back in 2012 to write about technology and became a central repository for solutions and articles about Microsoft 365.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m offering 10 copies of my books during the next 10 days, If you would like to get a copy of Hands-On Microsoft Lists or Hands-On Microsoft Teams continue to read the post and fill out the form.

How to get a chance of winning one of my books

To be eligible to win one of the book copies you just need to:

Winners will be notified by email on January 21st and the books will be delivered by Packt.

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HANDS ON tek history

Back in 2012 when I started this blog I was still finishing my master degree and planning to build a career creating mobile applications. In the beginning this blog was written in Portuguese and was a place where I shared my mobile apps, tutorials, news and IOT project.

Was because of it that I got my first job in technology, out of college I became a SharePoint developer, gradually I lost interest in the mobile applications development and started to get focused on SharePoint and on the Microsoft ecosystem.

During the last 10 years a lot happened in this space, the original posts were archived, the blog became English only and mostly dedicated to Microsoft 365 and Windows technologies.

10 years after the first post it now has 5 branches that give me a lot of joy and where I post on a regular basis.

  1. HANDS ON tek – The original blog is a place where you can read posts about technology in general, its mainly focus on Microsoft and Windows but every now and then I also write about my IOT adventures.
  2. HANDS ON SharePoint – In this area of the blog you will find exclusive content about SharePoint, either about development or end user topics.
  3. HANDS ON Teams – This area is exclusive to Microsoft Teams content, in here you will find content that explains how to use Microsoft Teams efficiently with tips and tricks that will make you the Teams superhero in your organization.
  4. HANDS ON Lists – In this blog I write about Microsoft Lists, it is mainly focused on formatting techniques to transform the layout of list and admin scripts to easily manage the platform.
  5. M365 Admin – This is the most area of the blog and it is an aggregator of everything new announced for Microsoft 365. This blog aggregates the posts made by Microsoft in the M365 Central Admin and the roadmap updates. It is updated daily with new content.

To finish this celebration, leave you with a trip down memory lane with the several images that illustrate the evolution of HANDS ON tek over the last 10 years.



2013 – Windows 8!




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