Hands-On Microsoft Teams – The second edition of my book just got released

After 18 months since the first edition, I’m proud to announce that the new edition of my book Hands-On Microsoft Teams just got released.

Hands-on Microsoft Teams is a book about implementing effective enterprise collaboration and teamwork using Microsoft Teams with tips and real-world scenarios that will help you to understand the platform better.

Hands-On Microsoft Teams second edition

Hands-On Microsoft Teams book description

Microsoft Teams is your entry point to communication and collaboration in the modern workplace. In Hands-On Microsoft Teams, experienced Microsoft 365 certified professional Joao Ferreira shows you how to use Microsoft Teams to its full potential through practical tutorials.

This guide to mastering Teams explores the platform in comprehensive detail and how it interacts with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem to help you work efficiently and manage your resources. You’ll get to grips with core functionality like setting up and managing teams, channels, chats, tabs, and meetings.

You’ll also learn to get the best out of Teams by adding custom apps, integrating with Microsoft 365, using PowerShell automation, and exploring useful settings you didn’t know existed. Along the way, you’ll be shown various real-world scenarios and how to implement solutions for them in Teams that will increase your productivity.

Whether you’re an administrator, manager, or team member, by the end of this book you’ll be confident in using everything Microsoft Teams has to offer.

Hands-On Microsoft Teams second edition key features

  • Updated with new chapters on Teams templates, the special editions of Teams, and Microsoft Viva
  • Customize Teams for increased efficiency, collaborate with best practices, and use advanced Teams functionalities to your advantage
  • Extend Teams through integration with Microsoft services such as PowerShell, SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate

What you will learn with Hands-On Microsoft Teams

  • Perform scheduling and manage meetings, live events, and webinars
  • Create and manage Microsoft Teams templates to streamline company processes
  • Deal with permissions and security issues in managing private and public teams and channels
  • Extend Microsoft Teams using custom apps, Microsoft 365, and PowerShell automation
  • Build your own Teams app with The Developer Portal without writing any code
  • Deploy helpful chatbots using QnA Maker and Power Virtual Agents
  • Explore Teams use cases for education, frontline work, and personal life
  • Bring together knowledge, learning, resources, and insights with the new employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva

Hands-On Microsoft Teams table of contents

  1. Microsoft Teams Basics
  2. Microsoft Teams’ Core Features
  3. How to Use Microsoft Teams – Chats and Conversation
  4. How to Use Microsoft Teams-Meetings, Webinars, and Live Events
  5. Private vs Public vs Shared: Teams and Channels
  6. Teams Templates
  7. Employee Experience in Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Viva
  8. Other Teams Use Cases
  9. Extending Microsoft Teams Using Apps
  10. Extending Microsoft Teams Using Custom Apps and Microsoft 365
  11. Building Your Own App for Microsoft Teams Using the Developer Portal
  12. Building Your Own Bot for Microsoft Teams
  13. Microsoft Teams PowerShell – A tool for Automation

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