How to quote a team message in Microsoft Teams

For years users asked Microsoft to include a simple way to directly reply to a message including the original quote in the reply.

This feature was introduced this year and is now available directly from the context menu in each message, however it was not included to thread messages in team chats.

Quote a team message

If you are trying to quote a message in a team thread to give more context to your reply you must do the following:

  1. Select and copy the original message you are replying to
  2. On your keyboard press “Shift” + “>”
  3. Paste the original message inside the grey box
  4. Press Enter twice and then type your message after the quote
Quote a team message

Using this workaround the original message will not include the time when it was posted but it can be used for other quotes in all team chats like quoting an email directly in Microsoft Teams.

Do you want to see this process in action? Watch the video below.

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