How to share your location using Microsoft Teams

Did you know you can share yours or any other location using Microsoft Teams and Bing Maps?

This is one of the exclusive features of the Microsoft Teams mobile app and it is available for any type of chat you can have in the application, 1 to 1, group or team chats.

To share your location using the Teams mobile app do the following:

  1. On the type message options click on the … to open the more options menu
  2. On the menu select location
  3. By default Teams will place a marker on your physical location but you can search or change it to a specific address (you need to grant permission to Microsoft Teams to use your location)
  4. Click on Share Location
Share location using Microsoft Teams

When a user clicks in the location card on mobile it will open with your default maps application while on desktop it will open the map location with Bing maps as shown in the following animation.

Unlike WhatsApp that allows you to share your location in real time, Microsoft Teams only allows you share static locations but this is still a cool feature to use.

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