Revolutionize your communication: Get ready for Viva Amplify!

Hey there, communication trailblazers! Microsoft is about to release Viva Amplify! It’s time to say goodbye to the communication struggles of the past and embrace a new era of seamless employee engagement.

Viva Amplify is your all-in-one solution for campaign management, publishing, and reporting. Imagine having the power to effortlessly engage and inform your employees across various channels like Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint, all from a single interface. This means reaching your entire workforce meaningfully, fostering alignment, and inspiring action like never before.

Viva Amplify release

Viva Amplify is set to become generally available in mid-September. You’ll start seeing the service plans lighting up your admin dashboard at the beginning of September, with the full rollout expected to wrap up by October.

Viva Amplify release

As part of this release, you will notice the following service plans visible and available:

  • Viva Amplify
  • Viva Amplify – Organizational data

Once the service plans are provisioned and activated the following capabilities will become available:

Create, plan, and manage internal campaigns, all in one place.

  • Reduce clutter by having all your campaign processes in one hub
  • Seamlessly manage approvals with workflows that show who is reviewing messages at what time
  • Deliver messages at the most impactful moments by scheduling posts
  • Stay focused by managing the lifecycle of various campaigns from a single view

Create content for your campaigns and publish across multiple distribution channels.

  • Use Campaign Objectives to set goals and measure outcomes so you can make your message a success
  • Write messages faster with collaborators planning, writing, reviewing, and publishing messages from the same page
  • Create content once and automatically reformat and preview for different channels, including Outlook, Teams, or SharePoint
  • Grow readership by automatically publishing to multiple apps at the same time​

Gather insights on campaign performance by viewing at-a-glance and detailed reports.

  • Understand how specific groups are engaging with your message to identify successes and gaps
  • Leverage reporting analytics to adjust publications so that your message gets better and better each time
  • Easily tailor communications to specific distribution channels and groups
  • Maximize reach for critical news, using reporting to understand the optimal channels for publishing

What you need to be aware of:

  • Vanity URLs: At launch, our product may have limitations when used with vanity URLs. If your company has one or more vanity URLs, please reach out to our team to discuss the best approach for rolling out our product within your organization.
  • Localization: At launch, our product will be available exclusively in English. We are working hard to expand our language support and will keep you updated on our progress.

What you need to do to prepare:

You may see the Viva Amplify and Viva Amplify – Organizational data service plans enabled for licensed users of the following products:

  • Microsoft Viva Employee Communications & Communities
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Microsoft Viva for Faculty
  • Microsoft Viva with Glint add-on
  • Microsoft Viva with Glint add-on for Faculty

You can take the following steps to further control the availability of the new experiences to users:

Assign or reassign licenses (available now)

  • Buy more licenses or reassign licenses to users who would benefit from Viva Amplify but are not currently assigned a license using this guidance.

Disable Viva Amplify service plans (once enabled at the beginning of September)

  • If you want to disable Viva Amplify premium experience for specific users, you will need to disable the Viva Amplify service plans for those users. When the new premium features are rolled out, these users will not have access to them.

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