How to quote a message in Microsoft Teams 2.0

Quoting a message in Microsoft Teams desktop applications has been driving users crazy over the years as this feature is not available without copying the previous message and using a combination of shortcut keys.

With Microsoft Teams 2.0, currently only available in Windows 11 things are about to change and Microsoft has introduced a new reply option for each message.

Quote a Microsoft Teams message using Teams 2.0

If you are already using Microsoft Teams 2.0 with your family and friends to, quote a message you need to do the following:

  1. Mouse hover the message you want to quote
  2. Click in the three dots next to the reactions
  3. Form the menu select Reply
  4. Type your new message

Quote a Microsoft Teams message using Teams 2.0

At the moment of writing Microsoft Teams 2.0 is only available for Windows 11 Insider builds and just for personal accounts, if need to quote a message in any other version of Microsoft Teams take a look to my previous article where I explain the quoting process step by step.

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