Meet the new pop out apps feature for Microsoft Teams

Multitasking while working in Teams was one of the main limitations of the platform, having a chat with someone, while looking for content in an application was a bit annoying and forced you to switch context multiple times.

Microsoft was aware of this limitation and with the last updates has been introducing pop-out windows that allow you to detach calls, meetings, and chats.

With the latest update of the Microsoft Teams client, you will be able to pop out personal apps and tabs so you can continue to have chats and collaborate while working in the app.

pop out microsoft teams applications

How to pop out a Microsoft Teams app

To pop out a personal app all you must do is click in one the pop out options highlighted in the image bellow.

pop out Microsoft Teams personal app

To pop out a tab you must select it first and then click in the pop out icon highlighted in the image bellow.

pop out Microsoft Teams tab

You can pop out multiple apps, however you should notice that a popped-out tab will not maintain its custom name, it will use instead the original name for the application. If you have two instances of the same app popped-out, you will only be able to identify them by its content.

The following image has a representation of this limitation that you should be aware of.

Microsoft Teams apps popped-out

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