How to add SharePoint Spaces to Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Spaces allows you to create and share mixed reality experiences with your users in just a few clicks, it allows you add a new dimension to your intranet using 2D and 3D web parts.

This feature has just landed on SharePoint and is a perfect add-on for your teams on Microsoft Teams, if you are curious about the build process check this article.

Adding SharePoint Spaces to Microsoft Teams is fairly easy, even though this is a new feature it is fully compatible with the existent SharePoint app for Teams.

sharepoint spaces

To add your 3D environment as a tab in your teams do the following:

  1. On your team channel click on the + icon to add a new tab
  2. Look for the SharePoint app and click on it
  3. Look for your SharePoint page or click on Add page or list from any SharePoint site and paste the link in the text field
    sharepoint spaces
  4. Click on Save

Your SharePoint Space will be added to Microsoft Teams and it will look like a native app.

sharepoint spaces
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2 Responses to “How to add SharePoint Spaces to Microsoft Teams”

  1. Szymon Bochniak

    May 8, 2020

    Are Spaces already globally available? This looks really great.


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