Classic Snake game is now available for Teams

If you lived during the late 90’s you must remember the classic Snake game immortalized by Nokia phones, even though the concept is largely associated to the Finnish company it has been around since 1976 in several formats and shapes. Snake for Microsoft Teams is a perfect fit for your casual team or channel. Most organizations especially during the Covid-19 lockdown have created teams where people can share non work-related content and have some fun, Snake will be the arcade machine in the room that everyone will want to play. Snake for Microsoft Teams features Snake for Microsoft Teams is based in a tutorial from the HTML5 Canvas Tutorials, I’ve used it as starting point and have modified it to add extra features that allow you to add an extra layer of control as a team owner. Number of credits – this is a setting in the application that the channel owner can configure, with it you can limit the number of plays each member can have per day. The default value is empty meaning unlimited game plays. Leader board – displays the top 5 highest scores in the game Theme support – The game will adjust automatically to your Microsoft Teams theme Speed – You can define 3 different speeds to play the game Wall – Allow to play the game in a closed or open environment How to install Snake for Microsoft Teams Snake is provided as a SharePoint web part and must be installed in the global SharePoint app catalog by doing the following: Download the SPPKG installation file from here and extract it Open the SharePoint app catalog and upload the solution While deploying it make sure you select the option Make this solution available to all sites in the organization Once deployed select the solution and from the ribbon bar click on Sync to Teams Open the team where you want to add the Snake game Click the + sign and Search for Snake Click on it and then click on Add On the modal with the huge Teams logo click on Save When you … Continue reading Classic Snake game is now available for Teams